Saturday, February 25, 2006

-Good afternoon-

After awaking with a vicious hangover and guzzling down the contents of an entire Brita water pitcher, I figured I should drag my ass outta bed sometime while the sun is still up. Here's a great catchy album from an up-and-coming band.

From Pitchfork: " To start, the Spinto Band's two lead singers traverse enough styles for a week's worth of positive Pitchfork notices. Nick Krill does the wobbly David Byrne warble about as well as deservedly lauded Clap Your Hands Say "It Boy" Alec Ounsworth. See harpsichord-splashed breakup song "Did I Tell You" and Turtles-quoting synth-pop come-on "Spy Vs. Spy". But Krill can also do dead-on Brighten the Corners-era Steve-O Malkmus ("Late", which brightly details the everyday dangers of rushing home for a favorite show: "It's slippery by the pool"). Meanwhile, fellow songwriter Thomas Hughes covers the sotto-voce sensitive-guy territory. His kazoo-enhanced "Brown Boxes" zooms in on a move-out/breakup: packing a pointless Hummel figurine while half-wishing for box-cutters sharp enough to "end it all". As throughout the album, a buoyant chorus saves the day."

Nice and Nicely Done


Blogger molotov said...

Nice to see the Spinto Band get some love. Just discovered your blog today. It looks mega-swell. Thanks for sharing.

6:45 AM  

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