Tuesday, March 07, 2006

EP Mania (Iron & Wine, Bright Eyes & Britt Daniel, and Arcade Fire)

Today, instead of posting one full-length album, I'll post several EP's. Here's the first, Woman King from Iron & Wine. This album marks his departure from minimalist guitar tunes, moving more towards multiple instruments in each song. It's different from his old albums, but it works well. The best songs on the EP are "Jezebel" and "In My Lady's House".


This here is a 4-song album by Bright Eyes and Britt Daniel, the frontman of Spoon. This EP is interesting because it is not a split as one would expect; both singers actually sing in each song. It's a shorty, but a goody. Check it out.

Rainy days are the hardest days to be dry....

I had a hard time getting into Arcade Fire when they came out with their full-length, but once I did, I absolutely loved it. This EP is of the same grain, and contains the absolutely lovely "No Cars Go". The cd is worth it just for that song alone. Anyways, give it a listen.



Anonymous Kelly said...

Excellent selection -- the Britt Daniel/Bright Eyes EP has been a longtime favorite, especially their song "Let the Distance Keep us Together"

6:21 PM  

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