Sunday, April 16, 2006

Alias - Muted

When I used to really be into electronic music, this was probably my favorite album. This comes from Anticon records (probably the only hip-record company I can tolerate) and is a departure from Alias' earlier work. His own vocals aren't found on this cd at all; he only creates the beats. In fact, other than a couple songs, there are really no vocals at all. This doesn't bother me, as the beats are good enough to keep me entertained by themselves. My favorite on this album is the song "Unseen Sights" which is sung by Markus Acher of Notwist (see old posts for THE Nowtist album). Overall, a good cd to drive to a relax to. Even if electronic music is not your thing, check out the track with Acher.

Alias - Caged In, Wasted Away

Alias (w/ Markus Acher) - Unseen Sights

Alias - The Physical Voice


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