Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Built to Spill - Keep It Like A Secret

With the release of the new BTS album, I decided I would post one of their better releases. This album doesn't really need an introduction or description. It is one of the greatest cd's created during my lifetime. If you haven't heard this before, I feel bad for you and you should download or buy this immediately. I won't write much more about it, since the music speaks for itself.

Summer music


Blogger Koka Kola said...

Yeah, this is by far my favorite BTS album. It just blew me away when I first heard it.

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i couldnt get it. because its posted with the damn megaupload.Can you post it with rapidshare again please?Thank you for your posts!!!!!!!!
By the way everybody talks about PATRICK WOLF.I dont know how is she .Ifyou post her albumswith rapidshare I will be so glad.Thank you from now on!!!!

9:43 AM  

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