Friday, April 14, 2006

Ok, big-time change of plans....

You guys are probably not going to like this, but this site is no longer going to be a full-album blog. I have done a lot of soul searching during the past twenty-four hours and I have realized that I can not take the stress of wondering whether my site is going to be shut down, or even worse, legal action would be threatened against me. I am a poor college student, so the thought of having to hire a lawyer to defend me is something I just don't to have to deal with.

I'm really sorry to all of my loyal readers out there. I realize I am probably disappointing you, but this is something that was long overdue. The site will continue, and I will continue to bring you music I love and want you to love. I hope you all will continue to visit my site, as I will still try my hardest to bring new (and old) bands to your desktop. All old posts will stay up (as of now).



Anonymous shakeel said...

don't apologize. all of us are indebted to you. several songs from an album are better than nothing, right? thanks so much for your efforts on keeping this site alive as long as you can!

~ shakeel

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No prob. I'll just find another site where the person has the balls to post full albums.

11:17 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

Well, all of the links on my sidebar "have the balls" so feel free to visit them.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous skellington said...

no need to be sorry. keep running the blog with interesting posts and a couple of mp3 instead of full albums, and keep introducing us to new good music. It's fine by me.

#12:17: you're an ass.

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Noetic said...


Thanks for the great posts, I've loved them all.

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we understand you.
thanks for all you've done.

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just like what happened to indie connection... it was ended.

are you going to do the same?

11:57 PM  
Blogger Denis said...

Ei, continue com este blog que ele é de grande valia pra muitos. Força, sempre!!
Denis - Brasil

12:12 AM  
Anonymous eugene said...

You do right, no need to sacrifice everything for giving music to people who are not even grateful at times. " I'll just find another site where the person has the balls to post full albums": that's the silliest thing i've read in a long time. Anonymous people who like their balls heavy & hard may as well go steal the cd's themselves, see the difference between copy-paste a link, and risk legal prosecution in real life.

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad to hear you're continuing - you bring a lot of good things to our attention ... don't let tosssers like 12:17 p.m. above - and the unelected Bloggers Police Dep't put you off ...

4:31 AM  
Anonymous Jewel Thief said...

I understand your decision, I can imagine how frightening it must be to experience looming legality. I am still more indebted to you than to any other blogger on the web (you brought me Patrick Wolf!), and whatever you feel is right is ultimately the best.


6:05 PM  
Anonymous lebejd said...

eh, still a lame move, mr. palaver.
you let the results of some pathetic self important bitch making mr. indie-connection feel bad, resulting in his closing up shop scare you into just doing something LESS illegal. the only way to go, without forever looking over your electronic shoulder is to only post songs that you have DIRECT permission to post. it takes quite a bit of work and you end up not focused on the scene you and most of us others who frequent your site like: mainstream indie rock. so dont act like you got big pants on now so you and your gigantic conscience can fit into them, you're STILL committing a crime, just without presenting the artist's work as they intended it.
( the girl cameron---who begun all this--- who had the goddamned time to contact the 40+ bands she claimed to over on the msg. board just wants to feel important and "tuned-in' to the "indie-street-team" scene she seems to think she is an essential police chief in by essentially telling on indie connection---seriously a lamer move than any you have committed mr.palaver)
get your head straight, really THINK about what you are doing w/ this blog and your time--check out what regnyouth is doing, his efforts and procedures are commendable---NOT reactionary.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

It is sure easy to talk like a tough guy when all you are doing is downloading music from my site. You have done NOTHING to deserve free music of any kind. You get music from my fellow bloggers and I only because we take the risk to provide it to you. Until you create you own blog and take the risks I was taking, you have no say in the matter.

10:01 PM  
Anonymous lebejd said...

dude, just cause i dont wanna tell you or not if im blogging (who cares?) doesnt mean that you know in the core of you that im right. keep looking over your shoulder. you still are giving away music WITHOUT the permission of the creators.
in fact, ive got os mutantes' lawyer (whose job it is to protect the FINITE amount of music the band has produced) right here with me. he no happy---he talk with RIAA lawyers and maybe, just maybe---POOOF!

no more palaver.

in any case, thanks for not deleting my post here, i just wanted togive a little something for you to think 'bout withOUT pulling your dick the whole time while i tell you its ok that you only are comfortable breaking the law a LITTLE less.
in any view---power to the proud---get with the underground---i pay for music as WELL as sample the free---there are websites that exist on the fringes, doing exactly what you used to do....but safely, with a smart head.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

I understand why you ae disappointed in my decision. Hell, I'm disappointed as well. I do this because I love to do it, and I feel like the format before was much better.

On the other hand, though, I need to look out for myself. I am 21 years old and 1 year away from graduating from high school. If I were to get in legal trouble, my life would be shaken up so badly. I would have to take out loans to defend myself in court and everything. It's just not something I want to deal with. I'm sorry it's not what you like, but I need to prioritize things.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous wendy said...

Also, posting a few tracks is A LOT different than posting entire albums.

3:21 PM  
Anonymous dave said...

josh, no worries man. i'll keep reading cause i dig your suggestions. anyone who has a problem with the change can f-off. i hope they do. the fewer pricks posting comments the better... on a side note to these people, if you want music for free how hard is it to d/l a full album via filesharing networks? lazy bastards.

1:18 PM  

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