Sunday, April 02, 2006

Voxtrot - EP's

Voxtrot have released two remarkable EP's recently. I love these guys and honestly can not get enough of them. Give them a listen, I'm sure you'll like them.

Voxtrot - Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, and Wives

Voxtrot - The Start of Something
(My favorite song they have released so far)

Go buy their two EP's. They are both excellent, start to finish, and you can get both of them for the price of a cd.

Voxtrot's Homepage

By the way, good job with the ad clicks yesterday. I had to take down the text on the top of the page asking you guys to click on the ads when you download something due to the chance that they could cancel my Adsense account. Anyways, just keep the ads being clicked and the multiple posts per day will become commonplace.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

does lots of "click ad, hit back, repeat" help? or do we need to navigate through an ad?

10:50 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

I'm not entirely sure how they work. Technically, I'm not even supposed to have anything up asking you guys to click them. I don't really care though. If they see the music on my site, they're going to cancel it anyways.

10:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks. Never Heard of 'em but they rock.

11:38 PM  

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