Friday, June 30, 2006

The Album Leaf

The Album Leaf is the one-man band of Jimmy LaValle, former member of several bands (most notably the Black Heart Procession). The music is mostly ambient instrumental, with vocals thrown in verrrry rarely.

The album In A Safe Place was recorder in Iceland after a tour with Sigur Ros, so the dreamy winter sounds created by Sigur Ros can be found on this album. This is perfect relaxing music or just music to have on in the background.

The Album Leaf - On Your Way

The Album Leaf - Over the Pond

The Album Leaf - Eastern Glow

By the way, I only have about a month left until I move back into my new apartment and get off this God-awful caveman internet connection (56k sucks). Once I move in the updates will return to daily events. I know I'm looking forward to that and I hope you guys and gals are too.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Some assorted music

Here's some songs to tide you over for a little while longer....

Death from Above 1979 - Romantic Rights
The Black Keys - Have Mercy on Me
The Stills - In The End
Tilly and The Wall - Lost Girls
Destroyer - European Oils

Hopefully I'll be back with another post within the week. I found a coffee house right around the corner from me that has high-speed internet.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Sky Drops + More Pitchfork Announcements

The Sky Drops is a male-female duo who play tunes which I would categorize as shoegazey alt-rock. I heard two of the songs off their upcoming album, and would definitely recommend them to you guys. They will be touring around soon so be sure to catch them at a venue near you.

From their site:

"The Sky Drops are Rob Montejo (ex Smashing Orange) and Monika Bullette
and are based in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. We are in the midst of
mastering our debut album Clouds of People and will be touring the
Midwest in August before leaving for London for shows in September and
California for shows in November.

The Sky Drops were recently featured on Label Worthy - - and reviewed in the Philadelphia Inquirer ("My
Bloody Valentinesque guitar attacks with hand-in-glove harmonies...
likened to 'a shoegazing Everly Brothers'"). We played Thrilladelphia,
Philadelphia's largest indie rock festival last month. You can learn
more about us on our website as well as download the new double a-side
internet-only single Now Would Be/Green to Red.

As I ROCK CLEVELAND stated, 'The Sky Drops are guitarist Rob Montejo and
drummer Monika Bullette. In his previous life, Rob fronted the
influential American shoegaze band, Smashing Orange. In The Sky Drops,
the shoegaze sound is pared down to its essentials: fuzzy guitars,
steady drums, reverb, feedback, and dreamy vocals. "Green to Red" is
dream pop at its finest. "Now Would Be" is a little darker, a little
crunchier, and a little fuzzier than "Green to Red," yet still
incorporates the same jangly swirly guitars and delicate vocal

You can find more info at their home page or their Myspace page.

Now, for the music!

The Sky Drops - Now Would Be
The Sky Drops - Green to Red


A few other announcements:

- Danielson and the Walkmenwere added to the Pitchfork music festival. For $35, they have put together a line-up that will never be topped for such a decent price.

- I am considering creating a Myspace account for this blog. I think I am also going to change the focus of this website from sharing music to giving exposure to bands who are having a hard time getting publicity. If you are a band who are interested in being featured on this blog, drop me an e-mail. A copy of your latest album (or at least a demo) will be necessary for reviewing purposes.